Jane A. Dawson, M.A., LMFT
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  Jane A. Dawson, M.A., LMFT   
CA Lic. # LMFT13845

Family Therapy

I am currently conducting my practice with clients, in office on a limited basis, by telephone, and/or Zoom (known as Telehealth)
Office Phone: (831) 425-3302

  • People seek counseling for a lot of different reasons.  Good advice is plentiful.  Listening in a way that invites you to open to your deeper wisdom is rarer.  Especially when the emotions are mixed and conflicted, it can be difficult to know one’s own mind. I work with individuals, couples and families seeking a safe, non-judgmental environment.  When emotions feel contained, there is an ability to relax and perceive more clearly.  What needs to change? What needs to be released emotionally? What needs to be accepted?  What needs to be strengthened?  These are some questions that are more fruitfully explored in the presence of a skillful, interactive listener.

  • In order to determine whether I can be of help to you, I am happy to offer a free consultation with you by phone. An initial phone conversation can often help us both determine if we should meet for an initial session or, for whatever reason, someone else might be more effective for you.
  • My office phone number is (831) 425-3302












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