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  • Insurance Reimbursement:
  • Some insurance companies will reimburse for my services (PPO and POS).  While others (HMO) require you to choose someone on their contracted provider list. You may wish to check with your carrier to see if your plan will cover individual or family psychotherapy with a "licensed marriage and family therapist" who is not on the provider panel.
  • I request payment at each session, unless we have both agreed on some other method of reimbursement. I am happy to prepare a statement (which will require me to provide a diagnosis code) for you to submit to your insurance company. Basic decisions about your care, such as the number of sessions, are decided by health plans. I may be required to discuss your confidential information with insurance workers for “authorizaton” to see you.  By not using health plans, I can preserve your confidentiality as fully as the law allows. Then treatment decisions can be made by you and I alone.

  • I am currently on the provider panel for Aetna insurance and Healthnet (MHN). You may choose to see me using your health insurance for either of those plans.














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